Meet The Founder

Jenjira M.

When I was a child, I was frequently asked about my dream career, and my answers kept changing from ‘teacher’ to ‘flight attendant’, as I was filled with curiosity about the world around me. Growing up in a small town in Thailand, I had limited exposure to the outside world until special opportunities came my way.

Growing up was like one big buffet of life experiences for me. I nibbled on knowledge, savored sights, and even took a few spicy risks. Jetting off to uncharted territories? Check! Amidst all the adventure, the most eye-popping dish on the menu turned out to be fashion. I mean, seriously, the way people dress is like an all-you-can-eat feast for the eyes. It's a kaleidoscope of self-expression, and I’m here for it.

My eureka moment hit me in second grade—picture this tiny fashion detective in action. Armed with crayons and boundless imagination, I sketched up a storm. People in wild outfits, designs straight from the daydream factory—you name it, I doodled it. My art had folks around me wide-eyed, like they stumbled upon a gallery in the middle of a grocery store. I kept the doodle train rolling through middle and high school.

Magazines and newspapers became my literary playground, but let's be real, I was there for the juicy bits. Couldn't afford my own glossy treasures, so the school library became my fashion sanctuary. When I say I "read" newspapers, I mean I perfected the art of speed-flipping straight to the fashion and celeb gossip—blink, and you’d miss it!

From the third grade until the graduation cap strut, I fancied myself as the next big thing in the world of fashion design. Then, life threw me a curveball when I landed in the USA for college. Tough choice time: cling to the dream or switch lanes? I opted for the latter, but you bet your stilettos, I kept living life like every day was a runway. "Fashionista" became my middle name, thanks to friends, family, and classmates who saw my style game.

It’s time to bring my dream to life! I’m thrilled to unveil ‘JM’s Ethereal Cotton,’ my passion-fueled brand. Dedicated to delivering superior styles, top-notch materials, and unmatched quality. Every product is crafted in Thailand from 100% cotton. Collaborating closely with our suppliers, we guarantee the highest standard for our brand delivering to you, from us - your JM’s Ethereal Cotton.